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lifestyle photographer

Month: January 2012

I was told many people want to know about the person behind the lens…So, this year one of my new years resolutions is to blog a bit more as well as tell people a bit more about me…

A few things about me…

I am a full time Paramedic for the city of Ottawa and have been for the past eight years. Couples always joke that if an emergency even happens at the wedding I will be there to help, this is true, I would always do my best to help any way I can.

My favorite color is Pink.

I love to read.

I am engaged to an amazing man named Tanner. We are getting married in May! Tanner is often my assistant and we work very well together, I feel lucky to have him and his support! I will share a few photos of us…

This photo was taken by my sister Maria.


The above two photos were taken by my friend Dawn Carruthers.